I’ve been in the fitness and wellness industry for over eight years and after working with hundreds of women, I started to see a pattern: Weight loss was never my client’s true goal and it never alone brought true joy and fulfillment.

I started to dig deeper to better understand what my clients were really seeking.

They wanted to feel confident in their bodies and to love how they look. They wanted healthier more meaningful relationships. They wanted healing, growth and forgiveness. They wanted to break the cycle of self sabotage and they wanted to live more colorful, purposeful and authentic lives.

Weight gain was only a manifestation of the battles they were dealing with.

I dug even deeper to uncover mental illness and depression, trauma and abuse of all kinds, financial crises, marital problems and unhealthy relationship patterns,heartbreak, low self esteem and self harming behavior.

I’m not afraid to have the difficult conversations and i’m not afraid to show my own scars for the healthing of my community.

I create holistic lifestyle programs which combine fitness, nutrition, mindset training, creativity, skill development and self empowerment. The mission of all my programs is to educate, build confidence, bring healing, support and celebrate women on their journey to creating a life they truly love waking up to.


I’ve been in the fitness and wellness space for a long time now and I often feel that the voice of the african women and her wellness struggles is still severely underrepresented. It is my mission to create a space where women feel empowered, celebrated and validated. I love and welcome all women however I feel that my impact is the greatest when i’m sharing, creating and serving from my experience as a black, african women.

Our story has often been one of struggle, strife and abuse. Through healing, education and empowerment, it is my mission to reshape that narrative.

Lets support, empower and celebrate one another as we create our best selves, in our best bodies, living our best lives.


I’ve been there too…

Not too long ago, my life was spiraling out of control. I was a 28 year old divorcee, depressed and dealing with the trauma of a rape I had kept a secret for almost 10 years. I was tired of repeating my self destructive habits and I made the decision to change my life if I was ever going to be truly happy.

My Bachelor’s degree in Health Management and certification in Personal Training gave me the knowledge to put together a fitness, nutrition and lifestyle program for weight management, health, fitness, balance and energy to face each morning.

I lost 15kg of unhealthy habits, shame and guilt. My certifications in Pilates and Massage for Tension Release added additional knowledge to integrate mind and body into my wellness practice.

A few years later I got certified in Health Coaching and Behavioral Change for Wellbeing, Fitness and Lifestyle Change. I learned tools to understand my bad habits, limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns.

After living in the United States for almost eleven years, I moved back home to Windhoek, Namibia in late 2015 and started my first business, Power Poise, in June 2016.

Im passionate about many things and feel suffocated when i’m forced to choose only one. For this reason I allow myself to flow where my passions and creativity call me.

I co-own a cold pressed marula oil company with my family, manufacturing marula oil for skin, hair and massage. I attend business mentorship and leatherwork sessions every week learning invaluable business development principles while learning to create one of kind handmade leather pieces. I’m also part of a Bra Project to making bras for women which fit correctly and active wear line that is comfortable and sexy allowing them to feel confident as they move through life.

I’m a big fan of non-conformity and non-conventional living. Anything that leaves you feeling limited was made to be challenged and I marvel in finding thought-provoking ways to dance around it.

The biggest lesson I believe I’m here to share is that no matter what you have been through, you have the power to change your life. You are always a work in progress and a masterpiece all at once. I’m living proof of that.

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My wish is to inspire you to embark on your own journey of growth, self love and expansion. Everything you’ve ever wanted starts with you having the courage to say yes to your life.

My mission through my business, projects and content is to support you in creating a life you truly love waking up to.

By no means am I perfect nor do I consider myself an expert. I stumble and fall more than many but that is because Im not afraid to try. Afraid, messy and imperfect, I try.

My commitment to you is that I will show up and continue to show up on this journey with you.

My Education

  • Bachelor of Arts in Health Management - Luther College (Decorah, IA, USA 2009) 

  • Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine (Chicago, IL, USA 2012) 

  • Classical Pilates Instructor Certificate - FFC Apprentice Program (Chicago IL, USA 2014)

  • Certified Health Coach – American Council of Exercise (Chicago IL, 2015) 

  • Raynor Massage Therapy – Sports Therapy Massage (Windhoek, NA, 2017) 

  • CPR/First Aid – Namibia First aid and CPR Training School (Windhoek, NA 2017)

As Seen:

99FM | Namibia broadcasting corporation The Namibian | Radio Wave Monochrome Magazine | The Villager

I’ve Worked With:

Development bank of Namibia - Wellness Presentation | University of Namibia - Nationwide Wellness Week | Nampower - Women's Day Wellness Session | TBWA Paragon - Client Social Responsibility Activity Facilitation  | Namibia Medical Care - Fun Fit at the Grove | Puma Energy - Wellness Week & Fitness Challenge | Namibia Broadcasting Corporation - Health Promotion Content Creation | Deloitte Namibia - Wellness Session | Namibia Correctional Services - Presentation | Namibia Police Force - Wellness Session | Ecumenical Social Diaconate Action - Wellness Session | Milestone Group - Content Creation | Namibia Institute of Science and Technology - Wellness Day