Month: May 2020

Resilience, Motherhood and Stepping into Your Power [Day 3 of 90]

I read somewhere that the ‘lift off’of any project is always the hardest. This is most certainly true when clients first start their fitness and weight loss programs. Its always hardest in the beginning. It takes uncomfortable amounts of will power to stick to a new way of eating and exercising. Their muscles are the […]

Building Trust with Yourself | Messy Action [Day 2 of 90]

At the bottom of yesterdays blog post, I hesitantly shared that I started a 90 Day project with an accountability group and that my focus for the project is to make a blog entry for the next 90 Days. I have this crippling limiting belief that everything I do needs to be perfect before I […]

How Fitness Saved My Life [Day 1 of 90]

When you scroll my social  media pages it’s pretty obvious that I am all about loving your body which makes it hard to believe that not long ago, I couldn’t stand to be in my own skin. In this blog post I’m going to share with you how fitness helped me go from overweight and […]