Facing My Rapist: The Final Chapter of My Healing

My hands are sweaty and my heart is racing. Just a second ago I heard people talking and laughing, honking cars and city sounds. All of sudden my entire world stood still. The only thing I could feel was the pounding of my racing  heart beat. How are you? he said. HOW AM I? Being […]

What My Ex-Husband (and Divorce) Taught Me About Love

I’ve been thinking about love a lot lately. Ok that’s a lie; the truth is I’ve been feeling a little lonely lately. It’s weird because I’m not sad and I definitely enjoy solitude but I’ve still been feeling a deep sense of longing for love. If I just wanted to hook up with someone I […]

The Effects of Rape No One Will Talk About

April is was sexual assault awareness month and I’ve wanted to do a rape awareness project every year for the last few years. I tried but no one wants to talk about rape. I get it; there is a lot of shame that comes with being a rape victim survivor. I don’t want to talk […]

You Don’t Owe ‘Pretty’ to Anyone

[I havent havent blogged in a minute. Writing is kind of like working out; the longer I wait to write, the longer it takes to get back in the habit. I wrote two posts today. This one is mostly just a buffer for a more intense heavy one for Sunday so enjoy!] I walked passed […]

Intimacy: Using, Being Used and What I Really Want

I was driving to work this morning when I started talking out loud: “Dear Universe, Dear God, Dear Great Grandma, Dear Guardian Angels… I’m a little irritated this morning. I’m not actually mad at him. I’m mad at myself. I hurt myself. I gave a piece of my spirit, my energy, my body to someone […]

Lets Get Really Vulnerable: A New Chapter

I haven’t written in months! Writing is one of those things that sets me on fire and calms my racing spirit all at the same time. For a long time I used this blog for work, for fitness but I felt like there were things I couldn’t write about. What would my readers think? Was […]

Confident Conversations: Ngutati Shimhopileni

You know how there are people in the world who just radiate joyful energy?  When you are around them you find yourself smiling but you don’t even know why? Ngutati is one of those people. You cant help but feel good when you are around her. She is not afraid to express her opinion and […]

Body Shame Body Love: Taleni Nengola

Its hard to love your body, yourself and the way you look in todays “you’re never good enough” culture. Companies spend millions of dollars to feed our insecurities. I am a supporter of striving to be a better version of yourself but its important to love yourself, your body and how you look exactly where you are. […]

How to Love When You’ve Been Hurt

How to heal when you’ve been hurt so that you can move on to accepting love the way you know it should be. In the videos below are my 5 tips of how to love when you’ve been hurt: And part 2: I hope this helps. Peace and Love ~Nelao  

The Year 2015: Embracing My Mess

I cannot believe its new year’s eve already, It was just the beginning of 2015. I came into this year a hot mess and still am a hot mess. I’m just a little better at owning my hot mess-ness.  Actually, I’m starting to be friends with my mess. Let me explain. I used to be […]