Resilience, Motherhood and Stepping into Your Power [Day 3 of 90]

I read somewhere that the ‘lift off’of any project is always the hardest.

This is most certainly true when clients first start their fitness and weight loss programs. Its always hardest in the beginning. It takes uncomfortable amounts of will power to stick to a new way of eating and exercising. Their muscles are the most sore and they feel the hungriest in the beginning.

I think ‘lift off’ resistance is exactly what I’m experiencing right now with this writing project.

I’m having a “hard time” getting into a flow.

I wanted to do this perfectly. I thought I would just effortlessly write out a list of topics I wanted to share on and then carve out time early in the morning to write and that’s just not how this is unfolding.

Its day 3 and once again its 10 pm.

I’m however certain that I want to post and so I thought, why don’t I share something on here that I’ve already created that would inspire me and is relevant to what I’m doing.

I looked through my work and found an interview that is perfect for this very moment. An interview with a past client now turned friend Rukee Kaakunga, on <strong>Resilience, Motherhood and Stepping into Your Power</strong>:

What I love about Rukee is that she stands in the fullness of who she is every time I’m in her presence.

Today I will take my inspiration from her and her story as a reminder that I don’t have to show up as anyone other than who I am and that is more than enough.

After you watch the interview, I’d love to hear below what your favorite take away was. See you tomorrow and in the comments below.

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