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Does Restructuring Mean Failure? [New Office + A New Direction]

I had to tweeze my own eyebrows this morning and I’m writing this from my parents  garage turned home office, yes ladies and gentlemen we are in a recession. Recessions require us to re-think, re-evaluate and sometimes restructure. Let me first explain the eyebrow thing. I haven’t had to tweeze my own eyebrows in a […]

Reclaiming My Body | Self Empowerment After Trauma

I was sitting at the kitchen table when my dad told me a story about a woman whose husband showed up to the school she teaches at and beat her. I expressed my anger but as soon as my dad left, my eyes filled with tears. These are the tears of the Womb(man). The raping. […]

5 Tips to Loving Your Body Just As It Is

I was standing in the kitchen today and my mom said “Nelao, you have such a nice body!”. When someone compliments my body, my initial instinct is to immediately respond with whatever improvements I feel I need to make. I said “You think so?”. My mom said that she would love to have a body like […]