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You Can Be Strong, Beautiful, Powerful and Revolutionary

When I hit that ‘publish’ button on the last blog post i wrote, I could feel that this time would be different.   I had never wanted to take down a post as much as I wanted to take that one down.   As a survivor of sexual assault, your worst nightmare is that people […]

5 Lessons My Biggest Mistakes Have Taught Me

As the year draws to an end I usually do a lot of reflecting to assess the year and how I can make improvements the following the year. This year I was forced to do some reflecting a little earlier because a mistake I made this weekend. I definitely believe in right and wrong and […]

I’m Quitting My Job and Moving to Namibia!

Yup. You read that right. The past year and a half year has been one of great change, as those who are close to me know. I’ve spent that year a half trying to put my life back together and land back on my feet. One thing I can tell you about making change is that you don’t really […]