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Facing My Rapist: The Final Chapter of My Healing

My hands are sweaty and my heart is racing. Just a second ago I heard people talking and laughing, honking cars and city sounds. All of sudden my entire world stood still. The only thing I could feel was the pounding of my racing  heart beat. How are you? he said. HOW AM I? Being […]

You Don’t Owe ‘Pretty’ to Anyone

[I havent havent blogged in a minute. Writing is kind of like working out; the longer I wait to write, the longer it takes to get back in the habit. I wrote two posts today. This one is mostly just a buffer for a more intense heavy one for Sunday so enjoy!] I walked passed […]

The Year 2015: Embracing My Mess

I cannot believe its new year’s eve already, It was just the beginning of 2015. I came into this year a hot mess and still am a hot mess. I’m just a little better at owning my hot mess-ness.  Actually, I’m starting to be friends with my mess. Let me explain. I used to be […]

The Day I Took Myself On A Date

I was having a rough day. Emotions and feelings were running high. I was feeling a little lonely and feeling a little rejected. My place to go when I’m feeling this way is usually total numbness. I could just pretend I have no feelings at all. But no. I’m doing something different remember, I thought to myself. Ok Fine, i’ll get […]

The Best ‘Bad Day’ Ever and 4 Tips to Feeling Better

I sometimes struggle with this false idea that things are supposed to be easy and if they are not, something has gone terribly wrong. I tend to think this way when it comes to relationships with others and especially when it comes to my relationship with myself. I’m working on it. I’ve been reading the blog Big […]