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Reclaiming My Body | Self Empowerment After Trauma

I was sitting at the kitchen table when my dad told me a story about a woman whose husband showed up to the school she teaches at and beat her. I expressed my anger but as soon as my dad left, my eyes filled with tears. These are the tears of the Womb(man). The raping. […]

The Effects of Rape No One Will Talk About

April is was sexual assault awareness month and I’ve wanted to do a rape awareness project every year for the last few years. I tried but no one wants to talk about rape. I get it; there is a lot of shame that comes with being a rape victim survivor. I don’t want to talk […]

Guest Post: My Birthday, My Period and Paying it forward

Menstruation: The menstrual cycle of a woman. The experience of starting my period was generally a fairly pleasant one. I remember my mom mentioning in a few sentences about what was going to happen but not detail. The onset happened when I was in 8th grade, as a student at Oshigambo High School – which […]