Building Trust with Yourself | Messy Action [Day 2 of 90]

At the bottom of yesterdays blog post, I hesitantly shared that I started a 90 Day project with an accountability group and that my focus for the project is to make a blog entry for the next 90 Days.

I have this crippling limiting belief that everything I do needs to be perfect before I can share it with the world. My reason for getting uncomfortable and putting myself on blast with the project is to release myself from that limiting belief.

This belief holds me back from sharing really cool ideas and projects I create and from connecting with other people who’s ideas and  projects I find fascinating.

This is no way for my internal  creative to live.

Even more frightening, This fear isn’t just with the things I create. I have this limiting belief when it comes to sharing myself with the world as well.

I have somehow convinced myself that unless I’m perfect then I’m not worthy of sharing.

No one is perfect. And no one can be expected to be.

Its 10:40 pm on day two and I don’t have a blog post planned

I knew this day would come but how is it here so soon? I contemplated not posting at all. I hopped into bed (from where I’m writing right now). I was going to just take my L and try again tomorrow. That would have been totally fine right? But then I remembered the promise I made to myself.

I said I would make an entry on here every day for the next 90 days. I even factored in grace and compassion for myself by making the exception that it can even be one sentence or just a picture. The goal isn’t perfection. The goal is to show up, even simply and even in a mess.

So here I am. Present and imperfect.

Look I even wrote more than one sentence!

I know you have a thing that you want to be doing more of too. What is it? Share in the comments below so I can hold you accountable (this is the perfect time to commit to daily movement for the next 90 days, but no pressure)

Deep breath.

I feel relieved.

I wrote something.

Its not my best work but I’m proud of myself for showing up. Perhaps my act of bravery in showing up imperfectly today has increased my trust in myself and my chance of showing up tomorrow, ideally, a little earlier and a little more prepared.

Grow happens one small imperfect step at a time.

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