Does Restructuring Mean Failure? [New Office + A New Direction]

I had to tweeze my own eyebrows this morning and I’m writing this from my parents  garage turned home office, yes ladies and gentlemen we are in a recession.

Recessions require us to re-think, re-evaluate and sometimes restructure.

Let me first explain the eyebrow thing. I haven’t had to tweeze my own eyebrows in a really long time. I just always got them done. I just always got a lot of things done: my hair, my nails, going out to eat. I was never really conscious about money because even when I was “broke”, I wasn’t like broke broke. This morning I had to decide if I wanted to have gas in my car (which is really my parent’s car) or if fleeky eyebrows were more important. I took my ass to the mirror and started tweezing away.

About a month ago I made the very difficult decision to let go of our studio space in order to, reduce operational costs as I take time to restructure the company. I was able to negotiate an awesome deal with a local gym so our programs are still running and I set up this cute little office at home.

Here’s the thing. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Management. I have certifications in Personal Training, Pilates and Health Coaching. I don’t have a degree in entrepreneurship, financial management or Life Management but I’m one hundred percent sure that what I’m doing by building this company is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing, even if I’m not quite sure I’m qualified to be doing it. My mission is to build a company that transforms women’s lives through Wellbeing and Self Empowerment and that is my guiding post.

It would be easy to look at letting go of the studio space as a failure but I see it as a pivot in the right direction. This time has allowed me to get clear, creative and innovative. It has allowed me to fall in love with my vision again. This morning I sit here in my parents garage turned home office, ready to dive fully into that mission.

Here’s what I do know for sure:

  • Squats and big booties are great but I actually want to make an impact in women’s lives. I want them to know that they matter; their missions matter and they can do it no matter what they have been through. That needs to speak to everything I do in my business.
  • I want to be real and authentic with you. I’m no fancy pancy smarty know it all. I’m a 31 one year old African woman living at home with her parents after her life unraveled due to unresolved trauma. I’m rebuilding my life while building a business. I’m not perfect. I have shitty days and I sometimes have a stank attitude but Im determined. I’m not afraid to show you my scars and still believe that I can be great and that I can make a valuable contribution in my community.
  • I want to have fun! I’ve been through a lot, we all have. Now I’m ready to laugh a lot, experience more and expand beyond what I ever thought was possible for me.

So yes, I did my own eyebrows today and they look great! I’m sitting in this garage office, very grateful as I write new, more impactful programs.

No matter where you are in your life right now, I hope you don’t feel like you’re failing. If you do, you too might need a restructure.

Restructuring is not re-starting and it surely isn’t failing. Restructuring is reorganizing in a new way so that you can be more effective in your mission.



6 thoughts on “Does Restructuring Mean Failure? [New Office + A New Direction]

  1. awesome article….responding from my house turned home office with no hairstyle and bushy eyebrows…..change and adjustment is doable and necessary! hang in there…..

  2. I just read darling and for one I am captivated by the energy that comes with ur words . I am wishing you to laugh more and find the yet best more moment s to come . Otherwise from my perspective you are looking good and you are doing great keep soaring .

    1. Thank you so much Rose! You are extremely supportive and I’m so greatful! You are doing great too! I’m really enjoying all your posts and the consistency girl! You are on a roll!

  3. I am inspired. Keep going Nelao. Trust me, we all have our “skeletons” on our closets but it is our abilities to let them go that matters. Gosh, I restructured slot of things & never regretted any. A women has got to do what a women has got to do…keep going. And yes, your fitness programs help me a lot to deal with my deamons & I am grateful for the “kick-start” that you & Gabby gave me…& Won’t hesitate to be back, provided that I don’t do “my fitness pal” 😂 after all I am an emotional eater. Stay well & keep it up dear

    1. Yes a girl have got to do what a girl has got to do. Thank you for sharing! Its always inspiring to know that we are not alone. LOL we can leave my Fitness Pal our next time haha!

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