Bold + Bodied

A 90 day self love fitness program created to help you heal your relationship with your body and make peace with food so you can finally give yourself permission to shine with courage and confidence.

In this program

You will

Gain confidence and freedom in your own body so you can stop criticizing and comparing yourself to others. Give yourself permission to shine.

Learn to make fitness and food choices that leave you feeling empowered and energized. Take the confusion and frustration out of fitness and nutrition and instead use them as tools for self care and radical self love.

Trust in your body’s ability to tell you what it needs and trust in your ability to give yourself what you need to as the most expressed version of yourself.

Stop playing small, stop abandoning yourself and stop living for others. Take your power back, own who you are and start showing as your most bold and confident self. 



Weekly 1 hour coaching sessions via zoom.

Custom fitness program tailored to you using the equipment or tools you have  + On-demand at home workouts (Pilates, Strength, HIIT, Stretch and Flexibility).

Nutritional Guidance with Health Coaching and Intuitive Eating Education.

12 Lesson Videos on lifestyle tools, behavior modification, mindset and self care. 

Bold + Bodied 90 Day Workbook to move you through your journey.

My coaching style is kind but firm, structured but intuitive, client-led but coach-supported so each person’s journey is unique to them. We will tailor make a program that best suits your goals, needs, lifestyle and your unique personality.


how online coaching works

I use a fitness app to deliver workouts to you. Once you sign up you will create an account and all your workouts will be available to you right on your phone which means you always have them with you. You also always have access to me for questions and guidance directly via this same app.

I used to create meal plans for my clients but I no longer do that. I have learned that this is not the most helpful way for me to support you in long-term lifestyle change. Instead I teach you how to make food choices for you body, not just for your goal now but for the rest of you life. The way of eating that I follow and that I teach my clients is Intuitive Eating which is a selfcare focused anti-diet framework that teaches you how to get in tough with your body’s intuitive cues and teaches how to trust your when it comes to food. Food freedom means never being on a diet again.

My programs range from US$200-500 (please email me about what that means for my Namibian clients). We would have to chat for me to know which package would suit you best, but that is the price range you can expect to pay per month.

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I have a three month commitment rule. If you are unable to commit to three consecutive months, please wait until you can to sign up. Three months is the minimum amount of time to make true and lasting lifestyle change. After three months you then move to a month to month commitment for which I require a two week cancellation notice.

Your program is created in a way that allows it to be flexible no matter where you travel to. This is after all a lifestyle change and is a way of living that you will embody no matter where you are or what is going on in life. Its here to support you through life. Should you need to take a break for unforeseen circumstances, you are able to put a pause on your account (two weeks to one month at most).

Start your Bold + Bodied
journey now

To start your journey fill in the application. Once your application is approved we will get on a zoom call to make sure that you are a good fit for the program.