Imagine feeling excited about the life you get to wake up to every morning.

Imagine a life where you give yourself permission to stand in your power and make every decision from the source of who you truly are. 

Imagine not having to be at war with yourself because you’ve finally stopped sabotaging yourself and have surrendered to receiving the gifts that life has for you.

It's your season to bloom.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now, what matters is that you are ready to take the steps you’ve been afraid to take in order to become who you know you’re meant to be so you can create the life you truly want.




What is
Bloom by Nelao?

My signature 12 week life coaching program shows you how to get out of your own way, rediscover your unique gifts, purpose and value so you can create a life you didn’t think was possible for you.

In 12 weeks you will be equipped with everything you need fall back in love with yourself, fully take your power back and your personal life plan with action steps to truly start living a life you love.

Unlearn + Re-Design

  • We start by peeling back the layers to identify and understand your current 'Self' belief system, how you developed it and why you believe it.

  • By doing an honest self reflection, get to the root of why you feel unhappy, why you hold yourself back and what's really keeping you stuck so you can give yourself permission to create and receive and abundant life.

  • In this phase you also begin your customised 'Body Bloom' fitness, lifestyle and image makeover program. As you work on your inside, you are simultaneously 'leveling up' your outside for an unrecognizable 12 week reveal.

  • Once and for all, retire the 'story' and limited version of who you thought you were and begin writing your life's new chapter. Find your voice, identify what truly makes you happy and find the courage to ask for what you want for your life.

  • Create a 'Blooming' Lifestyle Practice with daily tools and action steps to claim and create the life you desire

Bloom + Thrive

  • In this phase, you solidify the tools and techniques learned so they become a habit and way of life.

  • Re-discover yourself, your unique gifts and connect with your biggest visions so you can start and continue to live and lead from the Source of who you are.

  • Build true confidence in yourself and your life as you begin to witness what you are truly capable of.

  • Take bold and radical steps towards the life you have been afraid to ask for with support, guidance and accountability. You will never feel alone, I'm there with you every step of the way.

  • Review and refine your lifestyle practice so you are fully secure in your new way of living and 'being' as you prepare for sustainable evolution and continued growth.

  • Create an Elevate Toolkit to keep you discovering, expanding, and growing in your knowledge of Self even after your 12 week coaching program.

How it works

All coaching programs start with an application process. It’s very important for to establish if we will be a good fit or not. While my coaching style is kind and intuitive, this program is intense and only for you if you are committed, self-motivated and ready to take a big leap in your life. This means being ready to do what it’s going to take to break through your barriers to create the life you truly desire.

Coaching spaces are limited. I only take 8 clients at a time so that I can fully show up for your transformation. If you apply and I’m fully booked, I invite you to ask about my waiting list.

Coaching takes place via Zoom video conferencing. You will receive a Summary and Next Steps email after each session.

You will receive coaching material, templates and prompts to move you through the program.. 

You have access to me in between sessions via email and whatsapp messaging.

Once my team receives your application, it will be reviewed and you may be asked further questions. Once it is accepted and payment is received, we will be in touch within 24 hours to set up your first session. You will receive a Lifestyle Questionnaire and ‘Bloom Your Life’ Worksheet to get started on right away before your first session.

The Mini Bloom

This is a one time, 90 minute  introductory coaching experience created to spark your transformation and get you started.  

This is perfect if you are thinking about doing the full ‘Bloom by Nelao’ program and want to get a feel for what working with me is like.

You will walk away with tools to get you started on your self worth and lifestyle transformation journey.

This session is great if you have one specific area of your life you are struggling with and are looking for specific tools to get clear so you can take action towards, getting unstuck, healing and blooming.

US$ 120

The Full Bloom

This is a 12 week online life coaching experience created to give tools to rediscover yourself, stop holding yourself back and create the wholehearted, authentic, joyful life you’ve  been afraid to ask for. 

This program comes with a personalised ‘Body Bloom’ fitness, nutrition and image makeover plan. The first thing people notice about you is the package in which you present yourself. As you bloom internally, we work on transforming your outside as well so that you light up every room you walk into.

This program is a real, raw and radical path to finding your self value so you have the courage to show up as the best version of yourself and create the life you truly want. 

US$ 950

What my clients say

Once month in and my chest has gone down, my waist has gotten smaller and my tummy is flatter, my love handles have decreased. Not only that walking up a flight of stairs doesn't affect my breathing as much and I feel so much more confident about myself.

Monica N.

Nelao provided me with the platform to push the barriers in my mind and body. I feel renewed and refueled to take on life with a healthy body and mind.

Desery H.

Working with Nelao has been a phenomenal experience. I've learnt so much about myself and my capabilities. She always pushed me to my best but in such a loving and encouraging way. I've grown so much as a person and I'm forever grateful for the impact she's had in my life.

Michelle J.