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Nelao Nengola
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a monthly fitness and wellbeing membership

Group Training & Coaching



The Power Poise Sisterhood is a monthly fitness and lifestyle membership made up of fitness training and wellness coaching, integrating mind + body health, personal development, a supportive community and the pursuit of an authentic fulfilled life.

This is more than a fitness program, its a lifestyle program created to empower you to create the life you want in a body you love. I approach health and wellbeing from a practical and personal growth mindset. I give you daily and monthly tools to get in shape, feel healthier and happier.

There is an online and in-person option.



  • An online community through a private facebook group

  • A monthly workout that you can do at home or the gym

  • A monthly meal plan and nutritional guide

  • Monthly themes to navigate true lifestyle transformation

  • Socials and wellbeing retreats open to members only.

  • Exclusive deals and offers on all products for members only


one day and weekend sessions

Workshops + Retreats



I collaborate with allied professionals to create workshops and retreats designed to engage the mind and body for a unique wellness experience. There are one day and weekend long retreat options. We challenge you to get out of your comfort zone as you learn and grow through non-traditional learning methods and teaching strategies. We offer workshops and retreats for individuals, families, youth and corporate teams



  • Lodging and amenities for retreats

  • Meals and snacks included

  • All program material

  • A one of kind wellness experience