Pure Marula by Taneta

Pure Marula by Taneta


Treat your skin and hair with our namibian treasure!

My parents grew up using marula oil as a healthy food oil and my great grandmother used it on her skin. In honor of and the preservation of our culture we cold pressed marula oil for cosmetic purpose to share its luxurious benefits with rest of the world. Marula Oil is a highly anti-inflammatory plant oil, known for it’s very high antioxidant count and incredible stability with a light and serum-like texture.

Marula oil has powerful nutrients, fatty acids and minerals that help in preventing UV and environmental damage. It also has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties plus cellular regeneration which keep the scalp healthy and encourages hair growth.


  • All our oil is gathered and cold pressed in Namibia

  • The nuts are gathered by rural woman of the Ongenga village.

  • The oil is all natural with no additives

  • Great for all skin and hair types

  • We package it for skin, hair and massage oil.

  • If you are ever in Namibia, ask me to take you to the village!

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