who am i and what do I do?

I help women survivors feel free and empowered in their body through fitness and self empowerment. We don’t diet, we build a healthy relationship with food. We don’t punish our body with exercise, we lovingly move our body to honor it for everything its brought us through. As a survivor myself, fitness has helped me see the light on my darkest days, its helped me take my power back and its the vehicle through which I have a relationship with my body. Its my mission to teach women how to do the same through my content, programs and the way in which I live my life.


Where I've been featured & who I've worked with

Good Morning Namibia | The Namibian Newspaper | Tutaleni Talk Show | The Personal Trainer Development Center

99 FM | Radio Wave | MonoChrome Magazine | Efe Presents | Vivify Conversations | Milestone Group

Developement Bank of Namibia | Namibia Broadcasting Corporation | University of Namibia | Puma Energy

Namibia University of Science and Technology | Deloitte Namibia | NamPower | TBWA Paragon

Namibia Medical Care | Namibia Correctional Services | Namibia Police Force | Ecumenical Social Diaconate Action


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