Hi, I'm Nelao

I’m here to empower you to stop holding yourself back so you can finally start living as highest (and most authentic) version of yourself.

This site and everything I create is designed to support you rediscover yourSelf so you can find the courage and confidence to create the life you want and deserve.

You can not fill up anyone else's cup
if yours is empty.

Taking your business, health, love and life to the next level starts with mastering your relationship with yourself. With your own cup full you, can wholeheartedly pour into all other areas of your life.


Life Coach


Expanding the narrative of African women through radical self love.

After falling into a depression from the closing of my fitness studio I took some time to find my strength. 

I commited to rediscovering what truly made me happy and to falling radically in love my life again. 

Over the months that followed I spent time doing intense self work and broke through major mindset blocks that had been holding me stuck for a long time. I tackled my limiting beliefs, pains and fears at their root so that I could fully step into a better, stronger and healthier version of myself. 

I started writing to heal from my own trauma. I wrote about processing the pain of my divorce, the effects of assault and abuse, failure, the lessons I had learned over the years and how I used healthy living coupled with radical self care to heal myself. I received an overwhelming amount of ‘me too’ messages and request for more sharing and instantly knew that my next mission had found me.

I’m going to boldly proclaim that we have a collective wound that needs healing. 

The narrative of the african woman has been one of  strife and struggle or hypersexualized on the opposite extreme. For far too long our strength has been measured by our ability to endure pain, to the detriment of our health.

I know this isn’t cool stuff to talk about but I believe social change can be ‘litty’ too. We can break generational curses and still twerk on the dance floor.

You know what happens when we no longer claim the struggle story?

We get to take our power back and create our own. We know how to survive but let’s take off the Superwoman Syndrome capes, exhale and to learn to thrive in holistic wellbeing, self love and be our own peace.

Rewriting our narrative is not about being angry, bitter or pointing fingers. It’s about us joyfully, lovingly and boldly taking full responsibility for ourselves and creating lives we never imagined possible. 

This movement is not only for African women, we are all-inclusive and you’re welcome to sit at the table.

My life is an example of what can happen when you get out of your own way and re-connect to the source of who you are. I continue to work on myself so that I can positively contribute to the elevation of my community.

I kindly and firmly proclaim that we put on our combat boots and go to war for our own healing.  The healing of our wounds means the healing of our children, our families, our community and the world as a whole.

A Short Bio

Nelao’s passion for holistic wellbeing led her to obtaining her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Health Management and becoming a certified personal trainer, health and lifestyle coach. Her own personal transformation led her to start her own company with a mission to empower African women with tools and confidence to foster sustainable health and wellbeing.

Her vast experiences, which she openly shares on various platforms, enable her to be relatable and empathetic towards those she works with regardless of where they are in life. Through her coaching programs, workshops and lifestyle content, she has helped countless people connect to their purpose, transform their bodies and fall in love with themselves and their lives.

Nelao is a founding member of two start ups both with a mission to economically empower rural Namibian women while offering unique namibian products. Pure Marula by Taneta manufactures cold-pressed marula oil for hair, skin and massage. Oukaku baby shoes and PTNL offer custom made accessories handcrafted from vegetable tanned Namibian leather. 

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The regime allowed me to progress gradually and realize my own strength. It instilled in me a lifestyle of healthy living proved that maintaining this lifestyle is not insurmountable.
Rumbi C.
Nelao is very strict and makes you want to work hard. Her body alone is motivation enough.
Ula S.
The time I've worked with Nelao and the team has been amazing. I've learned tools to apply to the rest of my fitness journey. I've lost 8 kg since starting and am able to keep the weight off comfortably. The support provided by Nelao has been invaluable.
Taleni N.
I had a great experience working with Nelao. She takes it one step at a time and doesn't rush anyone. I'm really glad I had a chance to work with her because she prepared me to progress in my lifestyle journey.
Julia K.

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University of Namibia

Puma Energy

Namibia University of Science and Technology 

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