I’m an international fitness and lifestyle professional who helps women heal their relationship with their body so they can find the freedom to own and show up as who they are with courage and confidence. We don’t diet, we build a healthy relationship with food. We don’t punish our body with exercise, we lovingly move our body to honor it for everything its brought us through. As a survivor of sexual violence, fitness helps me see the light on my darkest days, its helped me take my power back and its the vehicle through which I have a relationship with my body. Its my mission to teach women (and especially survivors) how to do the same through my content, programs and the way in which I live my life.

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Developement Bank of Namibia | Namibia Broadcasting Corporation | University of Namibia | Puma Energy

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Namibia Medical Care | Namibia Correctional Services | Namibia Police Force | Ecumenical Social Diaconate Action

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